Ohio Debt Management

Ohio Debt Management

Your commitment to debt management is a decision that can help you eliminate your credit card debt for good. If you qualify for benefits, you may receive lower interest rates and a lower consolidated payment.

The Accredited Financial Counselors at Vision Credit Education, Inc. are trained to evaluate your situation and identify opportunities for improvement. A debt management plan is one option for improvement, but their may be others that are more relevant.

A debt management program works by consolidating your many credit card payments into one monthly payment. Participating creditors will reduce interest rates on credit cards to a special debt management rate if you meet their qualifications.

Our counselors can help to determine if you are likely to receive benefits through a debt management program. Additionally, we will work with you to develop a workable family budget.

Remember, it is not enough to simply show financial need. You also must be able to reasonably afford the program payment. It will likely be lower than your current minimum payments. However, if your budget is in serious distress, even a debt management program may not be the answer.

If you need other options, then we will gladly help you exercise those options. However, if a debt management program is what you need to bounce back, then we can help you take the steps to receive benefits and to complete your debt repayment through the program.

To discuss your own unique situation with an Accredited Financial Counselor, contact us at 1-866-832-2826 for your own private counseling session. In as little as an hour or less, you can find out what your creditors will likely accept as a combined minimum payment. Get help today!

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