Ohio Debt

Ohio Debt Relief

Debt relief can mean a number of things, and there are dozens of entities offering scores of debt relief options to debtors across Ohio.

These can range from bankruptcy to debt settlement to consolidation loans. However, these options rarely deliver what many of the providers of "debt relief" promise.

If you are asking a for-profit company for help, they are going to suggest that you do whatever it is that they specialize in. A bankruptcy attorney will show you how to file for bankruptcy. A debt settlement company will sign you to a contract to negotiate your debt, minus up-front and monthly fees as well as a percentage of the savings.

Similarly, a debt management company will sell you on a debt management program, along with a $40-50 set-up fee and a $40-50 monthly fee. Many will sell you on it whether you fit the eligibility requirements or not.

What sets Vision Credit Education, Inc. apart is that we are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an educational charity, meaning that we will help you understand your situation and debt relief options without regard to any single solution.

The reason is that we, as Accredited Financial Counselors, have agreed to put your needs first. We are required by Federal guidelines to give you an accurate assessment of your current situation and to give you enough information that you can select the best debt relief option to fit your own unique needs.

In order to review your situation with an Accredited Financial Counselor, contact us toll-free at 1-866-832-2826 for a private counseling session. Discover debt services that can help your situation.

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