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Privacy Agreement

We at Vision Credit Education, Inc. take your privacy very seriously. Accordingly, we conduct our services in a manner that ensures personal privacy.

Your privacy is our commitment. We understand that your financial situation is a personal and private matter. Our commitment is to provide you with unparalleled service, to give you the answers you need and to do so while maintaining the confidentiality of our interaction.

You information will only be shared between our organization and any necessary partner or vender (such as an auditor, regulator or service provider) on an as needed basis. Additionally, your creditors will not have access to information gained from our interaction without your express consent.

We do not sell your information to other unrelated marketers.

Information that you submit to us on a private form will be treated as confidential private information. Any feedback that you submit on a public forum or post could be viewed by members of the general public. Such publicly available feedback is subject to review, editing or deletion by Vision Credit Education, Inc. at our sole discretion.

We may also collect website usage statistics to measure the effectiveness and traffic flow of the website. Such statistics are anonymously gathered and provide broad usage patterns. While an Internet Protocol (IP) address may be collected, this IP address is generally viewed as an anonymous identifier that does not reveal the actual user.

We utilize common internet utilities such as cookies to allow us to track website usage patterns and trends.

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